Supa Karts Waiver and Race Requirements

Race Requirements

If you have a booking please arrive promptly at your Arrival Time , which allows us time to finish your race in time for our next booking. 


We understand that sometimes things happen and you are going to run a little late. In this case please give us a ring to let us know, as we may be able to extend your track time so you don’t miss out. 


Unfortunately we also have things that sometimes happen on our track that can make us run late. Generally this is often due to a crash on the track which breaks our barrier system. Unfortunately this can take up to 20 minutes to fix so it is safe again. If we do find ourselves running late, we do endeavour to get hold of you to let you know, and work through any timing issues with you.

Health and Safety Requirements

We do have several Health and Safety Rules we must adhere to at the track. If you need any explanation please let us know, we are always happy to help.


These Rules are:


Please no drinking or drugs before your ride. We have a Zero Alcohol and Drug Policy. If at any stage we feel uncomfortable that you may be breaching this rule we may ask you to leave if it becomes a safety issue.


Drivers must weigh  under 100kg and / or be able to fit into the kart. If anyone is over this 100kg mark please let us know as we can generally work through this issue and get the majority of drivers into the race.


If you are competing in a race meeting, drivers must be 16 years and over


Please wear fully enclosed footwear, tie back any long hair, and we don’t recommend wearing high heels or a skirt / dress if you are driving. In the winter time please make sure you bring appropriately warm clothing. Unfortunately since we have such a large building it is extremely hard to keep warm, so a thermal and layers of clothing are great, as when you start racing you can take off layers easily.


All drivers must wear a helmet, so please be aware if you do have any cultural headgear that you are unable to remove you may be unable to drive.


Please note if you have any of the following conditions you may not be able to participate. These include medical conditions such as, high blood pressure, heart conditions, head injury, epilepsy, pregnancy, and back injuries.


Below is a copy of the wavier you must agree to on registration which is done before racing at Supa Karts.




I hereby agree to the following: 

That, in accordance with all operating conditions, I will abide by the safety provisions as explained to me either verbally, in writing, screened or displayed visually in the premises of Supa Karts- Next Level Karting, by the management or staff. 


  1. I confirm that I have not had any alcoholic drink or drugs prior to driving today. I also understand that NO REFUND will be given for any person who shows any sign of alcohol or drug consumption or who gives other than a ZERO (0) reading if breath tested. Supa Karts - Next Level Karting, management and staff have the right to refuse entry onto, or remove from, the premises or track, any person displaying effects of drugs and or alcohol, and/or behaving in a manner that is disorderly or disruptive for other patrons, management or staff. No refunds will be given in these circumstances. 
  2. That I will respect the premises and property of Supa Karts - Next Level Karting  and treat such with due care and caution, and follow the directions of management or staff of Supa Karts - Next Level Karting, so as to prevent damage to any object or injury to any person. I agree to pay for any and all damages to the facilities at Supa Karts - Next Level Karting caused by me either negligently, wilfully or otherwise. I understand that wilful damage will not be tolerated and may also result in prosecution. I indemnify the management and / or staff of Supa Karts - Next Level Karting against all claims, expenses and actions in respect of any such injury or damage.
  3. Supa Karts - Next Level Karting supports permission-based emails and has a no tolerance spam policy and will not share my information with any third party unless legally required to do so. By including my email address, I permit Supa Karts - Next Level Karting to send me email information. I may unsubscribe at any time
  4. I accept the terms and conditions and rules and policies as displayed.


I acknowledge that below are some of the main rules I need to adhere by:


  1. I am at least 1.25 metres tall; 
  2. I do not exceed the 100 kg weight limit;
  3. I am not pregnant; 
  4. I have not consumed alcohol or drugs, which may affect my ability to drive a go-kart in a safe manner; 
  5. I do not suffer from a heart condition, high blood pressure, head injury, epilepsy, have a back or neck injury or other medical condition which may be aggravated by my operating a go-kart; 
  6. I will wear a helmet while operating a go-kart and while in or around the racetrack; 
  7. I will not wear open toed shoes, sandals or heels; 
  8. I will tie back and tuck any long hair down the back of my shirt or race suit prior to racing. 
  9. That I will stay seated in the go-kart with the safety belt fastened until instructed by a track official to remove the safety belt and get out of the go-kart; 
  10. I must view the safety Briefing Video prior to racing or listen to a verbal safety briefing;
  11. I will obey all rules and regulations of Supa Karts - Next Level Karting and instructions of all facility personnel; 
  12. I acknowledge if there is something I do not understand I will ask for help and let Supa Karts staff know.
  13. If I am under 16 without a driver's license I must have my parent or legal guardian sign the waiver.
  14. This agreement is continuing and shall remain in effect every time I use this facility.